The request that Medicare begin funding power seat elevation and standing systems has been in the works for some time. 

The Medicare program currently denies coverage for seat elevation and standing systems in power wheelchairs. This means that Medicare beneficiaries with mobility impairments are forced to go without medically necessary wheelchair technology if they are not able to afford the costs out of pocket. The Medicare program is currently reviewing a request to provide coverage for these critical systems.

If successful, Medicare will recognize for the first time that these systems are “primarily medical in nature,” and, therefore, covered durable medical equipment benefits – not convenience or luxury items for wheelchair users. These systems help wheelchair users carry out important daily activities more independently, such as cooking, eating, and toileting. They also provide numerous health benefits, such as decreased risk of falls or injuries when moving in and out of wheelchairs, improved heart and lung functions, increased bone strength, and improved joint mobility, bladder function, and muscle strength. 

This is extremely important to the myositis community!

Advocates can send their comments directly to CMS HERE to support Medicare coverage for power seat elevation and power standing.

PLEASE ASK EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO SUPPORT THIS EFFORT. Medicare must receive individualized comments with your unique voice, so please use your own words and explain why you support coverage of seat elevation and standing systems. When commenting, consider the following information to explain your unique story.

Talking Points for Comments

Identify Yourself
Provide a brief introduction of who you are and why you support this coverage. It’s important to provide your specific perspective and explain why YOU are supporting coverage for seat elevation and/or standing systems.

Express Your Support
State clearly that you believe Medicare should extend coverage of seat elevation and standing systems in power wheelchairs for Medicare beneficiaries with mobility disabilities.

Mention the Health Benefits
Note the numerous health benefits of these systems, especially any benefits that you have experienced or seen.

Talk About the Functional Benefits
Note the numerous functional benefits of these systems, especially any benefits that you have experienced or seen.

Thank Medicare for the opportunity to submit comments and restate your support for coverage. Encourage Medicare to quickly approve coverage of seat elevation and standing systems to ensure that wheelchair users can access the care they need.

Make it personal! What you say matters and your unique perspective is important. 


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