Advocacy to make others aware of myositis is an important function of The Myositis Association. It includes public educational events to create awareness about the disease, lobbying legislators to inform them of the public policy concerns of those who have myositis, and media events to bring attention to the disease and inform the public about myositis.

TMA has created a special publication devoted to advocacy, The Advocate.

TMA advocacy in recent years has focused on:

Access to Myositis Treatment and Assistive Devices

  • TMA has lobbied Congress and the Current Administrations to adjust reimbursement for IVIG under the Medicare program to make this important treatment affordable for physicians to administer in their office and for hospital outpatient departments to be able to provide economically.
  • TMA has joined other nonprofit organizations in working for Medicare coverage of elevating seats on power wheelchairs.

Access for Veterans

  • TMA has worked with veterans to make sure they understand what services and benefits are available to veterans with myositis. TMA also offers guidance for veterans at its Annual Patient Conference.

Educating the public

TMA works with members to draw media attention to myositis. You can help.

Need help planning a local event? Email TMA.

Let your representatives know about your interest in research and access to treatment.