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If you are a member of TMA and are looking to talk with others about your disease to gain a better understanding and prepare for the challenges ahead, you are encouraged to join the KIT support group network.

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My-PACER, a new research study, is recruiting

The Myositis Association (TMA) is partnering with the University of Pittsburgh for a new NIH-sponsored study entitled, “Myositis Patient Centered Tele-Research
( My-PACER ).”

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2019 Annual Patient Conference


At TMA’s 2019 Annual Patient Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the focus will be on addressing this diversity of needs and challenges within the myositis community.

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Patient Stories

Each person's journey is unique, yet familiar. Listen to those living with myositis share their stories of persistence and hope.

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Upcoming Events

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TMA Grants and Fellowships

Research into myositis is a priority of TMA. TMA is actively engaged with the myositis research community in the U.S. and overseas. Through research, the mystery of myositis will be solved and, ultimately, a cure will be available.

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Community Forum

TMA offers its online Community Forum, which has multiple forums where you can post to reach other TMA members who have similar concerns as you.

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