Chris Dotur

Chris Dotur: Hereditary Inclusion-Body Myositis

Chris is on the Board of Directors for The Myositis Association and an active duty Air Force pilot for the United States. His journey with myositis began when his father was diagnosed with sporadic inclusion-body myositis in 1993.

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Eva Avelino

Eva Avelino: Polymyositis

Eva, from the San Francisco Bay area, was diagnosed with polymyositis in 2012. As a registered nurse, she knew something was wrong when she was unable to walk up the stairs after her shift.

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Stanley Prather

Stanley Prather: Dermatomyositis

Stanley was diagnosed with dermatomyositis in 2008 after 18 years of symptoms. Before his diagnosis, Stanley visited multiple heart and liver doctors who were convinced his symptoms were due to other medical issues.

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Michael Bradbury

Michael Bradbury: Sporadic Inclusion-Body Myositis

Michael is a former district attorney who raised horses with his wife on a ranch in Ojai, California. He’s currently participating in a clinical trial for sporadic inclusion-body myositis.   Michael’s Story Listen to Michael talk about his life with sporadic inclusion-body myositis, his current treatment and the search for a cure. Looking for more stories…

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Lydia Vasquez

Lydia Vazquez: Dermatomyositis

Lydia is from Melbourne, Florida. She was a military nurse when she started feeling symptoms. She stopped working, but the symptoms continued to worsen until she was diagnosed with dermatomyositis.

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