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  • Dermatomyositis polymyositis MYOSITIS

    Raised: $0.00 Goal: $35,000.00

    I have since 2012 dermatomyositis, polymyositis, sclerodema sclerosis, lupus sjogrens, reynauds syndrome, lupus RA Crohns disease and fibromyalgia more to list!

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  • Roberto C Soriano 60th Birthday Celebration

    Raised: $0.00 Goal: $5,000.00

    In honor of celebrating Roberto C Soriano 60th birthday. In June 26, 2013, at the age of 54, he passed away due to complications to Dermatomyositis. There is no cure or specific treatment to this condition. We want his memory to be kept alive, and help conduct more research so that other families can have more time with their loved o...

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  • A New You in living with Myositis.

    Raised: $0.00 Goal: $500.00

    Hi, I am Christine Malinda Peart, but I go by Malinda P. I ask the question are you adapting to the changes you must make to regain optimal health and manage your disease? I use to constantly ask myself, “How did I get like this” and “Why Me”. As I encourage everybody to consider the first vital facet of your life, four...

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