TMA is committed to helping members learn all they can about their myositis disease and how best to navigate the challenges of living with a chronic disease from the most reputable, evidence-based sources. The TMA Library is a place where visitors can browse and learn from a variety of different electronic media.

TMA’s Annual Patient Conference offers those who suffer from myositis and their care partners a chance to meet others with the same disease and similar challenges.   It is a unique opportunity to learn from myositis clinicians and researchers the latest developments related to treatment and investigation of the myositis diseases.  Videos and PowerPoint presentations from past Annual Conferences can be found on TMA’s website.

Live Discussions are an online chat program that TMA offers to its members to learn more about myositis-related issues. Every other month, TMA invites a myositis expert to respond to questions on a particular topic. Live Discussions are similar to a Twitter chat, except they are more private since only our members have access to it. Questions may be left in advance or uploaded during the discussion. Members must be signed in to leave their questions. After the session, a transcript is made available on the website.

Podcast – TMA provides a collection of informative podcasts by myositis experts, covering topics related to the forms of myositis, treatments, complications, research, and more.

Video Library – Each year TMA video records many of the sessions at the Annual Patient Conference to share with members who are not able to make it to the Conference. These videos are archived and available on the TMA YouTube channel, arranged by topic into Playlists.

Presentations – Slides and handouts from many presentations at TMA’s Annual Patient Conferences can be found here.

Published Research – TMA provides a curated collection of scholarly publications, including research results and clinically relevant medical reports, related to myositis diseases and complications. In most cases, these are complete versions of medical journal articles provided free of charge for TMA members.

TMA Publications – TMA offers a number of print publications to help increase awareness and understanding about myositis diseases. Downloadable PDF versions of these booklets, brochures, and articles are available here.

Patient Stories – TMA members often find they learn the most from hearing the stories of others who are also navigating the challenges of myositis. TMA is grateful to its members who choose to speak openly about living with these rare and chronic diseases.