TMA is committed to helping members learn all they can about their myositis disease and how best to navigate the challenges of living with a chronic disease from the most reputable, evidence-based sources. The TMA Library is a place where visitors can browse and learn from a variety of different electronic media.

Annual Patient Conference Resources

TMA’s Annual Patient Conference offers those who suffer from myositis and their care partners a chance to meet others with the same disease and similar challenges.  It is a unique opportunity to learn from myositis clinicians and researchers the latest developments related to treatment and investigation of the myositis diseases. After our annual patient conference, we provide the videos and presentations from myositis experts on a variety of topics to be viewed and downloaded online.


Each year TMA video records many of the sessions at the Annual Patient Conference to share with members who are not able to make it to the Conference. These videos are archived and available on the TMA YouTube channel, arranged by topic into playlists.


Slides and handouts from many presentations at TMA’s Annual Patient Conferences, including the 2019 conference, can be found here.

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Virtual Summit

TMA’s Virtual Summit is held during Myositis Awareness Month. The Virtual Summit is a one day event that recognizes the need for more research and understanding of myositis in the hope of faster diagnoses, better treatments, and ultimately a cure.

Myositis Awareness Month

May is National Myositis Awareness Month! We observe the Month of May as a time to empower patients and care partners as well as educate the community about this rare disease.


TMA offers monthly webinars led by a variety of experts, covering topics of concerns for our members. You are invited to join in live webinars, where you can ask your questions directly of the speakers. Videos of previous webinar are also available for viewing.

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Ask the Doc Series

Video of past series, TMA’s Q&A with myositis experts responding to questions on a particular topic, are now available.

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Empowerment Clinics

Videos of past series, TMA Q&A with myositis community experts responding to questions on a particular topic, are now available.

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Live Discussions

Transcripts of past Live Discussions, TMA’s online chat program featuring myositis experts responding to questions on a particular topic, are available for your review.

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TMA provides a collection of informative podcasts by myositis experts, covering topics related to the forms of myositis, treatments, complications, research, and more.


TMA offers a collection of informational flyers and brochures that summarize important evidence-based information about myositis diseases, treatment options, self-care, and more.  Help spread myositis awareness by downloading these infographics and sharing them on social media as well as with family, physicians, and colleagues.

Published Research

TMA provides a curated collection of scholarly publications, including research results and clinically relevant medical reports, related to myositis diseases and complications. In most cases, these are complete versions of medical journal articles provided free of charge for TMA members.

TMA Publications

TMA offers a number of print publications to help increase awareness and understanding about myositis diseases. Downloadable PDF versions of these booklets, brochures, and articles are available here.

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Patient Stories

TMA members often find they learn the most from hearing the stories of others who are also navigating the challenges of myositis. TMA is grateful to its members who choose to speak openly about living with these rare and chronic diseases.

My Myositis Tracker

Download Myositis Tracker

TMA’s Patient Symptom and Disease Management Tool called- “My Myositis Tracker.” This tool will empower you to track your symptoms and changes in your condition in between appointments in preparation for discussion with your doctor. This tool is meant to help empower patients increase opportunities for thoughtful and meaningful dialogue with their providers about symptoms, changes in condition, or other relevant changes. It is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.