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Myo 101

This basic guide to understanding and coping with myositis aims to answer the questions of patients recently diagnosed with inclusion-body myositis, polymyositis, dermatomyositis or juvenile myositis. With a glossary of medical terms, easy-to-understand descriptions of the disease process, treatment and prognosis, this booklet will inform you from diagnosis through treatment, while supplying resources for support and information.

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The OutlookThe OutLook

TMA’s quarterly newsletter covers topics of interest to those with adult forms of myositis and their families and friends. Find the latest on treatment, coping skills, resources and research, plus advice from fellow patients and events of interests in the myositis community.

Myositis UpdateMyositis Update

Periodic email bulletins alert members to just-released research, upcoming events and other news of current interest in the myositis community.

Myositis MonitorMyositis Monitor

Periodic email bulletins alert health professionals about research opportunities, new studies seeking enrollment, treatment recommendations and other news of current interest to health professionals treating myositis patients.

A Physician’s Guide to Myositis

This guide, written and reviewed by international myositis experts, contains up-to-date information on diagnosing and treating all forms of myositis.

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