TMA offers a collection of informational flyers and brochures that summarize important evidence-based information about myositis diseases, treatment options, self-care, and more.

The Basics of Myositis – Myositis is a term for illnesses that involve chronic muscle inflammation. (“myo” means muscle and “itis” means inflammation)

TMA Service Flyer – TMA is the leading international organization committed to the global community of people living with myositis, their care partners, and family members. The nonprofit provides patient education and support, advocacy, physician education, and research funding for myositis diseases.

Nutrition and Autoimmune Disease – A healthy diet can go a long way toward improving overall health, especially for those with a chronic inflammatory disease.

Women of Color – Myositis is an inflammatory disease of the muscles that can cause severe disability. Symptoms include falling, trouble climbing stairs, difficulty raising arms over the head, and unusual rashes. In adults, certain forms of myositis affect women of color more than Caucasians.

Telemedicine Tips and Tricks – As the internet enables patients and care partners to consult with experts around the world, safely from the comfort of home, and without the need for expensive or difficult travel, learn how to make the most of these virtual visits by using the followings tips, tricks, and best practices from physicians and myositis experts.

Dermatomyositis Rashes in Patients of Color – Health-care professionals have historically learned about dermatomyositis (DM) rashes from pictures illustrating mainly Caucasian patients. The paucity of dark skin in textbooks and journals has contributed to delayed diagnosis and increased morbidity and mortality in patients of color with dermatomyositis