The following are items that you might find helpful in your myositis journey.

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One-Eyed Kings

One-Eyed Kings informs, inspires, and even entertains while frankly and nimbly recounting the author’s confrontation with an unexpected, incurable foe. His rare disease does not reveal itself with the quick body punch of a heart attack.

Author: James V. McTevia with Tom W. Ferguson

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Life Your Way Book

Refresh your approach to success and breathe easier in a fast-paced world.

Author: Amy Wood, Psy. D.

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Real Mountains Book

Real Mountains tells the story of the weeklong search for Greg Seftick and Walker Kuhl, two friends missing in Grand Teton National Park, and the love for mountains and medicine that brought Greg west.

Author: Dan Seftick

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Rolling Back Book

Rolling Back tells the story of the many ways the couple’s lives changed and serves as a roadmap to guide others who may find themselves facing a life disabled.

Author: Mike Shirk

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Myositis Awareness Envelopes

The envelopes read: "Myositis (my-oh-SIGH-tis) is a rare disease that causes debilitating muscle weakness. Its cause is unknown.

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Coping with Prednisone Book

Coping With Prednisone

Coping with Prednisone: It may work miracles, but how do you handle the side-effects?

Author: Eugenia Zukerman and Julie R. Ingelfinger, M.D.

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The Dysphagia Cookbook

Dysphagia Cookbook

Get tips for preparing and serving food, general recommendations for swallowing, information on food consistency, handy tools and foods to have on hand, and suggestions for traveling and eating out supplement the recipes. The author marks each recipe with S (soft), G (ground/shredded/sliced) or P (pureed) to help you decide which recipes are most appropriate depending on the severity of your swallowing difficulties.

Author: Elayne Achilles, ED. D.

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Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired Book

Unlike a leg in a cast, invisible chronic illness (ICI) has no observable symptoms. Consequently, people who suffer from chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and many other miseries often endure no only the ailment but also dismissive and negative reactions from others.

Author: Paul J. Donoghue, Ph. D. and Mary E. Siegel, Ph. D.

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Myositis Fitness Video

Myositis Fitness Video

Appropriate exercise for those with myositis is increasingly being recognized as important by rehabilitation experts and physicians. A fitness instructor has developed and produced a video for myositis patients with easy-to-follow instructions for doing simple exercises that will boost your overall health, and help you maintain as much flexibility and strength as possible, regardless of the stage of your disease.

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TMA Lapel Pin

Get a lapel pin with The Myositis Association logo.

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Myositis Awareness Magnet

Myositis Awareness Magnet

Promote myositis awareness and support The Myositis Association when you purchase these high-quality ribbon magnets.

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TMA T-Shirt

TMA T-Shirt

The T-shirt has a navy cotton pocket with The Myositis Association logo.

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