The aim of TMA’s programs and services is to provide information, support, advocacy, and research for those concerned about myositis.


The Annual Patient Conference brings together myositis patients with health professionals who specialize in myositis and related fields. This event features a panel of medical experts and sessions on treatments, promising research, coping strategies, exercise techniques, and more. Find presentations from previous Conferences.

TMA publications —both in print and electronic—present information on diagnosis, treatments, research news, and other relevant topics that help patients and caregivers learn what they need to address their individual health care concerns.


TMA provides funding to emerging and established researchers who are seeking answers to the mysteries surrounding myositis. TMA is committed to continuing its research program to increase understanding, find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure.


Support groups offer members the chance to share their feelings and discuss their concerns with people in similar situations. These groups encourage an atmosphere of communication and compassion.


Public recognition of myositis, increased research funding, greater access to care, and better coverage and reimbursement for treatments—TMA gives you the tools to make a difference.