No matter how shocking it is to find out you have myositis, life goes on. There are bills to pay, meals to cook, daily life to plan and live. The Myositis Association’s members say that figuring out how to meet the practical and logistical challenges of living with myositis gives them a sense of empowerment.

Members offer creative solutions to everyday challenges on TMA’s Community Forum. TMA also shares ideas in its publications, on Facebook and Twitter, and on the TMA news feed.

If you’ve found a particularly helpful agency, book, product, or homemade invention, we invite you to share it with TMA and your fellow members.

The TMA store offers a variety of resources, including patient stories, that can be helpful in your myositis journey.

Medications used to treat myositis are often very expensive, and health insurance plans are often reluctant to pay for them. This list of Patient Assistance Programs for Prescriptions offers possible sources of assistance.

Download this form and keep it handy in case there is a medical emergency that involves EMS. It includes information about myositis, and allows space where you can fill in your own information.