The Myositis Association Women of Color Welcome Video

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TMA Women of Color, April–June 2024 EditionNew!

TMA’s WOC Vision Statement 

To champion and advocate for all Women of Color living with, or caregiving for, any form of myositis. WOC promotes awareness through the 3E’s: Encouragement, Education, and Empowerment. 

TMA’s WOC Mission Statement  

Our mission is to unite and empower women of color affected by myositis and to advocate for their health and well-being. By providing education, support, resources, and the backing of TMA’s expertise, we are determined to reduce the disparity gap in myositis outcomes for people of color. As we foster a community of strength, resiliency, and inspiration; together, we will break barriers, challenge inequalities, and create a future where every woman, caregiver, and loved one affected by myositis, regardless of their race, can thrive.

TMA’s WOC Committees

Welcome and Administration

Bereavement and Wellness Check


Social Media and Networking

Fundraising and Events

Legislation and Research

Monthly Committee Leaders Meeting (Please only attend if you are a leader or interested in leading)
Please contact for meeting information.


TMA’s Woman of Color Infographic – Myositis is an inflammatory disease of the muscles that can cause severe disability. Symptoms include falling, trouble climbing stairs, difficulty raising arms over the head, and unusual rashes. In adults, certain forms of myositis affect women of color more than Caucasians.

My Myositis Tracker – TMA’s Patient Symptom and Disease Management Tool called- “My Myositis Tracker.” This tool will empower you to track your symptoms and changes in your condition in between appointments in preparation for discussion with your doctor. This tool is meant to help empower patients increase opportunities for thoughtful and meaningful dialogue with their providers about symptoms, changes in condition, or other relevant changes. It is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.

Dermatomyositis Rashes in Patients of Color – Health-care professionals have historically learned about dermatomyositis (DM) rashes from pictures illustrating mainly Caucasian patients. The paucity of dark skin in textbooks and journals has contributed to delayed diagnosis and increased morbidity and mortality in patients of color with dermatomyositis

How you can help

We know you have many talents, and we invite you to use them to help us improve the lives of myositis patients everywhere. Whether you have an eye for detail or are a natural leader, we have a job for you!  Please let us know how you would like to help.