Fundraising or what we like to call “funraising” can be done in conjunction with Myositis Awareness Day or at anytime during the year when it might be convenient for myositis patients and caregivers to gather and hold an event to raise funds for TMA and create awareness of the disease. These events can be as simple as a walk around a high school track, or a neighborhood walk, a yard sale, a picnic, a car wash, or it can be more ambitious such as a golf tournament, a chess or bridge tournament, a wine tasting, etc. Basically, there are many ways to raise funds and create awareness. What it takes is the determination to do something to help TMA carry on the fight against myositis. TMA has staff available to help you develop a fundraising event and TMA will provide the resources and support to make it a success. If interested, you should contact TMA at or 1-800-821-7356. You may be surprised at how much fun and camaraderie can be generated by getting folks together to rally around a cause to do something about it.

But before you leave this section of the website, realize that the success of a funraising event is largely dependent on you. If there is not the motivation and determination to do something, then it is not going to happen. And, the easiest and one of the very most effective ways to raise funds for TMA is to send a letter or an email to your relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues letting them know that the disease you are suffering with cannot be cured without their support. Although many people hesitate asking others to help out, you will be surprised how many of those who care about you are looking for an opportunity to show their support for you in your battle with myositis. Letter writing campaigns generate donations ranging from $10 to $1,000. People will give because they care about you and they will give what they feel they can afford.