Considerations for Accepting the Position of KIT Support Group Representative:

Each KIT Support Group Representative is free to organize their area, hold activities and communicate with area members in a way that best suits his or her situation, taking into consideration the geography of the area, driving distances, health status, etc. We realize that areas with members within close driving distance may have regular meetings while others, due to driving distance, may need to benefit from e-mails, letters, and/or phone calls. The time commitment you make to this effort will be up to you. We do ask that you try to be in communication with each member in your area at least three times a year. Most of our Support Group Representatives want to do more than the minimum and tell us that they receive much more than they give.

Taking on the responsibility of Representative should be enriching. Please carefully consider the time commitment before you accept this rewarding, voluntary position.

KIT Representative Responsibilities

  • Communicate with each area member at least three times a year. You may do this through email, newsletters, letters or phone calls. Face-to-face support group meetings are wonderful if time, distance and health permit. Please notify TMA of any member contact information changes.
  • Notify TMA immediately upon the death of a member. TMA will offer its condolences to the family.
  • Send a report to TMA periodically. Your report lets us know that your group is active and provides us with ideas to share with other KIT area representatives. There is no standard report form. What you provide to us is up to you.