What does TMA do for you?

TMA provides education, support, advocacy and research:

Education: Knowing more about myositis is important as you learn how to deal with the symptoms, medicines, side effects and other aspects of having JM.

  • TMA produces two newsletters-The OutLook for the Inflammatory Myopathies for those dealing with all forms of myositis, and JM Companion for patients, families and friends affected by juvenile myositis, with a Transitions section for teenagers and Just for Me for children.
  • Through regional conferences specifically for JM families and the Annual Conference for everyone, TMA connects people dealing with the same challenges and with medical doctors and other specialists treating and studying myositis.
  • TMA updates its web site regularly, posting important information and inspiring stories.

Support: People facing similar issues often understand one another, sharing ideas for coping with emotional and physical changes.

  • Keep In Touch (KIT) support groups give people the chance to communicate with others by phone or email and to meet group members face to face.
  • The Community Forum is a place for families to ask questions, share successes, vent and learn more about each other and about juvenile myositis.
  • Members of the TMA staff are here to help, too. You can call or email us with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Advocacy: TMA works with others to teach people more about myositis and similar conditions.

  • Working with medical experts from around the world and with families like yours, TMA published a book on childhood forms of myositis.

Research: Research is key to finding answers to the myositis puzzle.

  • TMA started its research program in 2002, putting money aside for scientists studying how to treat and hopefully cure the different forms of myositis, including juvenile myositis.
  • TMA sends electronic newsletters to doctors around the world, updating published research studies, listing clinical trials in need of patients to study, and new programs and services offered by TMA.

We are always examining our programs and services to make sure we give you all we can. Let us know how we can help you even more!

What can you do to help TMA?

You can help us reach our goals!

TMA relies on its members and friends to help teach others about myositis and to raise money for research, member services and more. Getting involved helps you, too!

  • Teach your friends and neighbors about myositis. Take written information about JM to them or just talk to them about it. Some children and teenagers use JM as the topic for school projects and written reports.
  • Volunteer. TMA families host school walkathons, golf tournaments and other events to get the whole community involved.
  • Contribute to TMA. Allyson, a TMA member with JM, collected birthday money from her family and donated all of it to TMA for its JM programs and services. Be creative.

Do you have more ideas on how you can teach others or raise money to help? Let us know your ideas, and we’ll help you.