Are you thinking about attending TMA’s International Annual Patient Conference? The three-day conference is a “bucket list” item for many individuals and families affected by myositis.

A bucket list can be very motivating. Listing the experiences or achievements you want to accomplish can help you focus on the future. No matter where you are in your myositis journey, your bucket list may include travel, personal growth, and trying new activities. All of these things are possible at TMA’s conference!

The downside of travel: Getting from here to there can be exhausting and difficult, especially for those who struggle with mobility issues, fatigue, and pain. Here are TMA’s top ten tips for traveling with myositis.

  1. Travel with documentation about your health insurance (and/or a medical certificate), prescription medications, disability parking placard, and anything else that verifies the requirements for your safety and convenience. Download PDFs or save photos on your phone, if you need to access documentation on the fly and out of WiFi reach.
  2. Be mindful of giving yourself enough time for airport check-in and transfers.
  3. Notify your airline in advance that you will need special consideration. Be clear with your requests, and specify what kind of assistive device you use. Check in with your airline again 48 hours in advance.
  4. Request an escort pass. These are not guarantee but when granted will enable your care partner to accompany you to the departure gate (even if they are not flying with you). When you are at the airport with your spouse or friend, go to the special services check-in counter and request a pass.
  5. Your hometown airport may have a specific program to facilitate or encourage accessible travel. For example, the Denver airport is a part of the Sunflower Hidden Disabilities Program.
  6. Travel smart with the equipment you own. Remove any batteries, loose parts, or cushions on equipment you’re taking with you. Rent equipment as needed – scooters, transport chairs. TMA has an online list of rental companies servicing Baltimore.
  7. Find out the height of the bed(s) in your hotel room and how that differs from your bed at home. Have a plan for getting in and out of bed if you think you may need it.
  8. Pack smart. For example, bring a Turkish beach towel – lightweight and functions as an extra blanket if needed! Want more tips? Ask your TMA conference buddy for their favorite travel gear. All first-time attendees will be assigned a mentor who has attended the conference previously. Conference buddy assignments will be sent 3-4 weeks prior to the conference.
  9. Check out “Let’s Travel – Making Disability Air Travel More Accessible,” hosted by TMA Women With IBM Affinity Group, featuring Mindy Henderson, Vice President, Disability Outreach & Empowerment for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  10. Don’t neglect your PT routine as you’re packing and preparing to depart! Here are some suggestions if you are looking for a physical therapist:

Bonus tip! Write down three things you want to learn about during the conference. Stay focused on your goals in attending TMA’s International Annual Patient Conference so you don’t over extend yourself.

We’d love to hear your hard-learned tips about traveling! Share them with us (, so we can pass on your insights to next year’s attendees.

Plan ahead and join us in Baltimore, MD, September 6-8!

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    Thomas M Kelly (Pt advocate) for Robert Kelly on July 10, 2024

    Looking forward to meeting our TMA conference buddy for some guidance.
    I appreciate the excellent communication from the association.

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