Our thanks to all of you for making TMA’s Virtual Annual Patient Conference the biggest one ever, reaching more than 600 people with myositis, their families and care partners.

From the inspiring greeting from rock legend Peter Frampton, himself an IBM patient, to the attendees who still continue informal chat room conversations well after the live conference has ended, we loved seeing your energy, curiosity and generosity towards each other. For our part, the Conference accomplished what we’d hoped, bringing you the most accurate information from the world’s foremost myositis authorities, many of them TMA medical advisors, while also providing informal and safe places for you to interact with each other.

Since we went online this year due to COVID restrictions, we provided a full agenda, to reach those with advanced myositis and others who have been unable to travel to our in-person events.

As always, we learn as much from each Conference as you do! Technical problems resulting from multiple devices, unfamiliar platforms and international connections have been noted and will be part of our future planning, as will all your suggestions for making future events even better. Once the COVID crisis abates, TMA’s next Annual Patient Conference will be held in Seattle, Washington, Aug 19-22nd, 2021.

We’re pleased to remind you that all the sessions, including presentations, Frampton’s greeting and the ongoing informal chat rooms, will be available to attendees, at least through the end of the year. Find the sessions under the day and time it was originally presented from the agenda on your Whova app. There’s also a short video to help you: here’s a link to a quick screen capture we just made to show where to access recorded sessions and the video vault. Feel free to share. tinyurl.com/VAPCVideos.

This is in addition to TMA’s existing “Video Vault” here https://www.myositis.org/myositis-library/annual-patient-conference/2020-annual-patient-conference-agenda/video-vault/ and TMA Youtube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCef36fRGT90-DDT7KuPtnwA A wealth of informative videos on various subjects is available there. Please like and subscribe!

If you weren’t able to attend, it’s not too late! Please join us! You can register here https://www.myositis.org/myositis-library/annual-patient-conference/ and still re-live this major, inspiring event with us, with full access to all conference material after the fact.

Our heartfelt thanks for choosing The Myositis Association as your connection for information, advocacy and support.

One comment on “TMA thanks you for a successful 2020 International Annual Patient Conference”

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    Virginia Epperson on December 1, 2020

    Just learning more since I was given this possible
    Diagnosis by an urologist due to my CK levels and extreme muscle weakness. I’m awaiting an appointment with a rheumatologist and a muscle biopsy. Any info is helpful on this because I’m scared of how the future will unfold.

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