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    John Wells on October 7, 2022

    I have been sIBM Dxd since 2018. Yoga blocks have been really useful for seat raisers for the last two years for me. I have two side by side wrapped in a velcroed soft scarf to keep them together. Whilst not padded much they’re not compressible much either. I’ve used them as half-steps for access to otherwise inaccessible spots also. Until I recently obtained my Troja rollator with a 62cm height seat, I needed it to stand from the earlier rollator.

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    Kevin Darby on November 18, 2022

    Looking for information on hospital beds for home. And wondering what Medicare covers. Thanks

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    JORDANNA ANDREWS on November 8, 2023

    My dad says this is one of the best tools he invested in as he has also used it for changing and washing: The LiftSeat toiler riser

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