This ongoing NIH study of myositis diseases, initiated in the early 1990s, has revealed many important findings that now guide current treatment and research. The project continues to examine what causes these rare diseases and describes the clinical features (signs and symptoms) associated with them. Because the diagnosis of an IIM can be confused with other illness (such as adult-onset dystrophies), this project also studies patients with other illnesses (who are referred with a preliminary diagnosis of an IIM). Participants will receive the best standard therapies currently available and will be considered for participation in other therapeutic protocols.

Patients 16 years of age and older with polymyositis, dermatomyositis, or a related disorder may be eligible for this study. Participants will undergo a complete history and physical examination, including routine blood and urine tests. Additional procedures for diagnosis, treatment, or research may also be done. Patients who are eligible for experimental treatment studies will be offered the opportunity to join them. Others will be advised of treatment recommendations.

This is an excellent study to consider if you question your current diagnosis or treatment. NIH physicians will often consult with participants’ local physicians to ensure appropriate follow-through on treatment recommendations.

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