Name Eligibility More information
Environmental risk factors
for the antisynthetase
Adults and children with
myositis, with or without
antisynthetase autoantibodies
More details;
Nastaran Bayat, MD
301-451-2348; NCT01276470
Studies in the natural history
and pathogensis of
childhood-onset idiopathic
inflammatory myopathies
Adults and children with DM, PM,
and sIBM, and related conditions
More details;
Lisa Rider 301-451-6272;
Study and Treatment of Inflammatory Muscle Diseases Adults and children, aged 16 or higher,
with IIM (suspected or confirmed)
More details;
Eileen Lange 301-432-8434;
Evaluation of Clinical responsiveness of DM using Cutaneous DM Diseases Area and Severity Index (CDASI) Adults with DM More details; Victoria Werth 215-898-0168; NCT02945345
IBM disease registry at Yale IBM patients are encouraged to join the study and obtain your personal measure on the IBM Personalized Index Calculator