It’s not magic. It is science.

September 13-16, 2012
Orlando, FL

Assistive Devices, Personal ExperienceGary Wooldridge

Aquatic Therapy, Classroom IntroductionSheralee Beebe

Autoantibodies and PrognosisDr. Jiri Vencovsky

Breath Awareness and HealthSheralee Beebe

Cholesterol-Lowering Medication and MyositisDr. Rossitza Chichkova

Dysphagia 101Dr. Todd Levine

Finding Strength through FaithAugie DeAugustinis

IVIG, What Patients Should KnowMichelle Greer

Successful Support GroupsMarianne Moyer

Managing IBMDr. Andrew Mammen

Medical advisors report on current research and interests

Meditation for Clarity and BalanceSheralee Beebe

Myositis 101Dr. Robert Wortmann

Nutrition and MyositisRenee Lantner

What you should know about prednisone, Dr. Steven Ytterberg

Physical Therapy, Finding your best planJohn Scandura

Skin ManifestationsDr. Victoria Werth

Stress, Immunity and your HealthSheralee Beebe

Systemic Involvement (Its Complicated)Drs. Chet Oddis and Lisa Christopher-Stine

Tai Chi, Yoga, StretchingSheralee Beebe

Tax and Financial ConsiderationsJohn Suttle