Join Dr. Rohit Aggarwal, Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical Director, Arthritis and Autoimmunity Center, University of Pittsburgh, and Chair of TMA’s Medical Advisory Board for TMA’s first twitter chat on “Empowering the Patient in the Digital Age on May 20th at 12:00pm ET. This twitter chat, led by Dr. Aggarwal on behalf of TMA, will discuss tools for staying educated, finding support, preparing for virtual appointments, and coordinating care. TMA will be partnering with numerous other organizations, including Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, The International Pemphigus and Pemphigoid Foundation, and The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research on this unique educational initiative for patients and clinicians.

How do you participate in a twitter chat?

Step One – Retweet and Share on Facebook TMA’s Announcement about the Upcoming Twitter Chat

Help to spread the word about the Twitter Chat by retweeting and sharing on Facebook TMA’s announcement about the upcoming Twitter Chat. Be sure to write your own message and invite your followers to join in, to share resources they have on empowering patients in the digital age, and to learn from those on the twitter chat.

Step Two – Let your followers know that you plan to participate in the twitter chat.

Tell them to plan to see more tweets from you on May 20th from 12-1pm ET. Invite them to join in, like, share, and retweet.

Step Three – To find the Twitter Chat visit the @TheMyositisAssc Twitter page

The Twitter Chat hosts will post questions marked with “Q” followed by a number (Example Q1:). To respond, select reply (the button furthest to the left under the post that looks like a conversation box). Type “A” and the number for the question you are replying to (Example A1:)

Important Reminders:

· Remember to use the below chat hashtags and to tag TMA in all of your replies:
o #EmpowerPatients
o #Telemedicine
o @TheMyositisAssc
· Remember your tweets can only be 140 characters long including spaces.
· Remember to like and retweet other posts you like.
· Most of all, remember to have fun. Don’t worry if you miss some of the tweets coming in, you can always go back and reread them, like and share, once the live chat has ended.

The Myositis Association would like to thank Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for the grant to sponsor this awareness campaign.

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