The Myositis Association has received many questions from the community about the Covid-19 vaccines and whether they are appropriate for people with myositis.  The situation is complex (multiple vaccines, different timeline for approvals in different countries, availability issues) and is further compounded by each individual’s medical condition.  TMA recommends that people with myositis make their own decision on whether to receive the vaccine in consultation with their physicians and the available data. Additional information will be provided in the future as it becomes available.  
We’ve scheduled a webinar to answer your specific questions. If you’d like to leave questions in advance, email TMA ( Details about the webinar will follow. 

Reliable, up-to-date information is available at the following websites: 

• CDC  (Centers for Disease Control)

• FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)

Dr. Rohit Aggarwal, Chair of TMA’s Medical Advisory Board, has recorded two videos that directly address several frequently asked questions related to the vaccine and myositis.  

The videos are available here

Read the transcript of Dr. Aggarwal’s answers to your questions here

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