The Myositis Association is KNEE DEEP in Annual Patient Conference planning!

As we are in the process of curating an OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE for our guests, we want to share some of the HIGHLIGHTS with the community!

If you are on the fence about attending, “pop in” with TMA Executive Director Chrissy Thornton on Monday to hear a little more about what you can expect (and what you will miss if you don’t register soon)! 

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One comment on “Still Undecided? Annual Patient Conference Overview “Pop In””

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    Frankie Madlock on July 23, 2022

    Attending the Annual Conference is an informative place to answer all of your questions. You are made to feel important, not shunned away by our own families, friends, and doctors. Attending would be an awesome opportunity. Meeting others like ourselves make a world of difference.

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