Welcome the Myositis Mavens

In early November, TMA  launched the “Myositis Mavens,” a group trained in community outreach and education.  The term “maven” comes from Yiddish, meaning “one who understands.”  Mavens are those with deep understanding acquired through experience over the years, and TMA believes this is a fitting title for our trained patients and care partners. The Myositis Mavens, supported by a grant from the Mallinckrodt Corporation, will be educating people in their communities about myositis, launching personal, imaginative fundraisers and, through print and digital media, advocating for better treatment, support, and ultimately a cure for myositis. We’ll be reporting on their progress in TMA publications and social media in the months ahead. 

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    Kryn teeuw on December 6, 2020

    Does any one use knee braces for walking

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