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    Elise Fournier on September 16, 2021

    Holly, your beautiful and shine from the inside out. Nice job. I am going to to friend on FB but I am white. Not sure if I am welcome but hope so! Keep on shining love. Your attitude is contagious.

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      Holly Jones on January 16, 2024

      Thank you for this beautiful comment. I am so sorry that I didn’t see this sooner. I didn’t realized that comments could be left on the video. HERstory in Color is still a Facebook group and ALL women of ALL races are welcomed! If you would like to join the Myositis Women of Color Affinity Group, please go to Facebook and fill out the questions, or you can attend one of our monthly meetings to receive more information.

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    Barbara Joy Letsom on February 17, 2024

    OMG -My best friend just died in Sept.’23 and I didn’t see this resource when I did my research. We did have several outings with her and her husband who died on the same day of other causes. I did everything I could to encourage her to eat more and exercise and we did have some wonderful church services with her at my church.
    The funeral was such a celebration of their lives and our love for them. They both went home to be with the Lord.
    How are you doing now?

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