You are invited to attend the Regional Conference for Myositis Patients hosted by The University of Kansas Medical Center and The Myositis Association. Speakers include Dr. Mazen Dimachkie, Dr. Duaa Jabari, Dr. Mamatha Pasnoor, as well as physical therapists Claude Lamoureux and Sandhya Sasidharan.

This conference is provided free of charge.

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    Lani Hepner on March 3, 2023

    I would just like to say that o really enjoyed the conference in January. I’ve recently been diagnosed with dermatomyositis and this really gave me a lot of information and insight as to how my treatment plan and recovery should go. I’m taking all I learned to my rheumatologist and sharing the information. I particularly appreciated the physical therapy information and would like more of that if possible. Please email me anything and everything pertaining to Dermatomyositis! Thank you again!

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