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    Bernadette Garvin on January 2, 2022

    Thank you Dave , for sharing your journey , I found it really helpful because I was given this diagnosis within past three weeks . So still coming to terms with it and no treatment plan until I meet my Consultant January 11 .

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    Kari on September 10, 2022

    Being an orthopedic surgeon, which is one of the most rigorous and difficult training programs, it must have been very hard to become a patient and to give up all that he worked so hard to achieve. To switch gears from capable physician to patient must have taken great tenacity and ability to adapt. I admire that. This story is as much a motif for any one facing health challenges and having to make their way through the myriad of doctors’ appointments and adjustments. With no treatment for IBM, that also must be frustrating. Remarkable story.

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