Dr. Rohit  Aggarwal, MD, MS
TMA’s Medical Advisory Board, Chair
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

The Myositis 101 for patients videos by Dr. Rohit Aggarwal, Co-Director of Myositis Center of University of Pittsburgh, Chair of Medical Advisory Board of The Myositis Association (TMA) and author of book “Managing Myositis: A Practical Guide” explain myositis management and treatment in terms that are accessible by all.

Video 1 – What is Myositis? Myositis 101 for patients
This video provides a brief overview of the different types of myositis and their symptoms. 

Video 2 – Who Gets Myositis: Myositis 101 for Patients
This video provides an overview of which populations are of highest risk for the development of myositis. 

Video 3 – Genetic Risk of Myositis
This video discusses genetic causes of disease and risk to family members in developing myositis diseases. 

Video 4Triggers of Myositis
This video discusses viral and environmental triggers of myositis.