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  • Fundraising For A Cure

    Raised: $820.00 Goal: $1,000.00

    I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Clinically Amyopathic Dermatomyositis (CADM) in August 2020 at the age of 28. CADM is a rare disease and is diagnosed in approximately 2 in every 1,000,000 people. There is currently no cure, no medication specific to the disease to treat it and doctors do not know how it is triggered; they have ...

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  • Myositis First Pitch Campaigns – 2023

    Raised: $2,750.00 Goal: $1,500.00

    IBM Awareness Fanatic See Highlights of Vance’s Campaign

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  • 2023 New Year Awareness Campaign

    Raised: $506.00 Goal: $2,000.00

    Our family was impacted by Myositis this past year. We are raising money with the goals of funding research for better diagnosis, treatments, and management, as well as to raise awareness of this condition to support other impacted families on their journey with myositis diseases. ...

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