Speakers:  Michelle Vogel, MPA – VP of Patient Advocacy &                    Provider Relations at CSI Pharmacy

Roxanne Ward, RN, BSN, lgCN – Director of Patient & Provider Education at CSI Pharmacy

Navigating Health Care (The In’s and Out’s of Ensuring You Don’t Get Denied Treatment by Your Insurance)

  • Access to Affordable Health Insurance
  • Ensuring that your medications are covered in the best & most affordable site of care for you
  • How to get equipment you need covered
  • How to ensure you are getting the best care in the home
  • How to get your own patient advocate

If you don’t know about CSI, they are advocates for Myositis patients. Michelle has been working with the Myositis community since 2007, and has built an expertise in navigating health

insurance, understanding reimbursement and healthcare coding, knows how to pick the best and most affordable healthcare plans for your individual needs, and enjoys advocating for our

community. Roxanne is an infusion nurse who is certified in the administration of immune globulin therapy. She has participated at both TMA and CureJM conferences.

The CSI team is very well versed in helping you through the quagmire of insurance/doctor/pharmacy problems when trying to obtain the treatment you need. Whether IG therapy/Rituxan

or just having your doctor code, your disease, correctly to obtain insurance coverage. THESE are the people in the know. They will be here to answer your questions and advice for you.

There will be lunch, give-a-ways, handouts and lots of answers to your questions.

For more information, please contact Linda Wiemers Home 618-692-1836, Cell 618-660-7090; email wiemersl@hotmail.com