Date: Saturday, April 6, 2024 Location:Virtual (CENTRAL TIME) Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Registration for this event is now closed.

University of Kansas Medical Center and TMA host the 2024 Regional Conference for Myositis Patients. This virtual, half-day conference features sessions covering cancer in myositis, speech and swallowing issues, pulmonological and rheumatological complications, physiotherapy treatment and exercise, as well as break out rooms by diagnosis for research updates and physical therapy considerations. This event is no cost to the myositis community. Registration closes April 4.

Agenda (below times are in Central Time)

Opening remarks Ali Russo (5 mn welcome and instructions about rooms and agenda)

TMA (10 minutes – per TMA)

Dr. Dimachkie (5 minutes welcome and instructions about questions)

Transition to break rooms (10 mn)

Break out rooms x3:



Dermatomyositis & Anti-synthetase syndrome


Dr. Dimachkie

Dr. Bath

Dr. Pasnoor


5 minute Transition to break rooms
Cancer in Myositis Dr. Bath 10:05-10:35
5 minute Transition to break rooms
Research updates Break out rooms x 3:


PM & IMNM Dermatomyositis, & anti-synthetase syndrome



Ali, Andrew- IBM

Abby, Lilli- PM & IMNM

Nick and Ilia – Dermatomyositis & anti-synthetase syndrome

5 mn Transition to main room
Speech and swallowing issues in Myositis Lindsey Heidrick and Jamie Johnson 11:10-11:40
5 minute Transition to break rooms
Physical Therapist break out rooms x 3:


Physical Therapist take on Research outcome measures



Physiotherapy treatment and Exercise in myositis: PM & IMNM, DM & Anti-synthetase syndrome



Claude Lamoureux-IBM

Sandhya Sasidharan – Research outcome measures: MMT8, 6MWT, mTUG, etc.


Helene Alexanderson- PM, DM, IMNM, & Anti-synthetase syndrome


Back in main meeting for the rest of the presentations

5 mn Transition to main room

Pulmonology complications of Myositis Dr. Hamblin 12:05-12:20
Rheumatologic complications of Myositis Dr. Bath 12:20-12:35
Closing remarks Ali (5)

Dr. Dimachkie (5)