The Greater Phoenix area KIT group, which includes all areas of the state of Arizona north of Phoenix including Las Vegas, is a very active support group for people with any form of myositis.

We meet quarterly at the Ronald McDonald House in downtown Phoenix yet have many other social functions throughout the year. You can view our schedule of events on this website. Our mantra is proclaimed very loudly at each get-together – “I have myositis, it does not have me.”

We meet for three hours each quarter and have many local doctors, druggists, nutritionists, physical therapists, researchers and others who speak regularly during the first hour of our meetings. The second hour is typically filled with an information exchange on current findings on our chronic illness. During the third hour we provide lunch to all attendees and use this time to roundtable our individual status, introduce new attendees and share concerns, compassion and empathy to all our members. Myositis can be a very confusing, disturbing and depressing illness if you try to cope with it alone.

Please join TMA and the Phoenix area KIT! You will be happy you did.

If you would like information on Keep In Touch (KIT) Support Groups, please email