View our live Attendee Training

The virtual conference can be viewed by any mobile device, desktop or laptop.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser when using a desktop or laptop.  Internet Explorer (IE) or Safari will not work with this platform.

First time accessing the platform

To gain access to our platform, it is recommended to first log in from a mobile device.

On your mobile device – go to the app store and download the Whova app

Your first time logging in – you will need to setup your credentials.  The same credentials will work on all devices.

To set up your credentials

  • Click sign in/ sign up
  • Enter email address you used to register for this conference
  • You will be asked to create a password
  • Retype your password
  • Enter your First and Last Names (attendees can search for you by this name)
  • Select continue
  • Add a photo (this is optional) (note photos can only be added from a mobile device)
  • You can beef up your profile
  • Select continue
  • Once you are done select “My profile looks good”
  • Select continue

You should now have access to our conference platform on your mobile device.

Accessing the Web app

Google Chrome is the recommended browser when using a desktop or laptop.  Internet Explorer (IE) or Safari will not work with this platform.

Using the same credentials, you will log into the webapp


  • Sponsor logo’s and names will appear on every page
  • By clicking on the sponsor name, you will be redirected to that sponsors website.
  • On the left is our main navigation bar.  Here is where you can navigate our conference platform.

Agenda Tab

  • Our full agenda is listed here for each day
  • Here you can create your own agenda from the main agenda
    • To create your own agenda, from the full agenda find the session of our choice, click add to my agenda. 
    • Click the My Agenda tab and you will see the agenda you have created.
    • From the agenda you can search for a session in the search field
    • You can also filter by tracks
  • To view a session
    • Locate your desired session from the agenda
    • Click view session
      • On session page you can
        • Chat with other attendees
        • The community tab is also located here.  Again, you can start a new discussion, join a current discussion
        • **Please remember all chats and community tabs are public**
      • Presenter info is listed here
      • Session description is listed here
      • TMA is looking for your feedback.  Please complete the session survey after each session.  Please download the session survey from your session page.   
      • Surveys are also located on the Documents tab.
    • Please remember to Like your session
    • You can also view the agenda from a session
      • Click show agenda
      • Select day and session to view
  • During Live Stream of a session
    • From the agenda – locate your desired session – click view session
    • Within the video window – you will be asked to “join by computer audio”  a message will say you are viewing The Myositis Associations Screen.
    • Click join by audio.  **Please note you can not talk or be seen on screen**
    • Right upper corner of box, click full screen to view the session.  To ask a question click Q&A
      • Q&A box will appear
      • Add question, hit enter.  Hit x to close box.
      • Your question has now been sent to the speakers
      • By selecting Q&A to ask your question your identity will be protected and speakers will answer your questions live.
    • Please do not ask questions in the chat box.  If you do your question will be public and your identity will be listed.
    • Again, all chats are public
    • If you wish to chat with other attendees during the session please do so here.  However, you can’t be in full screen view when chatting with other attendees.
    • But you must be in full screen to ask a question.
    • Once the session is complete and you are still full screen please click the x in the upper right corner. 
    • You are still on the conference platform
    • Your video screen should show a message that this session has ended.  Select OK. 
    • Sessions will be available by the end of each day.

Attendee tab

  • Here is where all attendees and speakers are located
  • You can send a message from within the platform
  • In the search box – type the name of any attendee you wish to send a message
  • Click send message.  Enter message.  Your message is now sent.  Messages are sent within the platform.
  • All messages you send or receive will be located here

The Community Tab
Join discussions on our community boards.  This is a public forum.  **Please DO NOT use TMA at the beginning of any discussion you create within this forum**  TMA has a few topics already created.  And our meetups are listed here but should only be accessed from the agenda.

  • You can start new topics
    • Click add topic.  Enter required information.  Click post
    • Click here for any new topics
    • You can also follow topics
      • Click all topics.  find a topic you want to follow.  click follow
  • Start a virtual meetup.  Catch up with old friends on a video call.  Your call can hold up to 25 people.  To do this:
    • Click suggest a meetup
    • Click virtual meetup, click post
    • Add title, description
      • Whova’s virtual meet room
    • Select length of time
    • Select date and time
    • Select time zone (Please keep in mind our conference agenda is based on Eastern Daylight Time)
    • Click submit
    • Locate your meetup.  Click meetup
      • Click join meeting room
      • Jitsi will access your camera and mic
      • Enter your name (this will be shown on screen)
  • You can copy and share your link with others by sending them a direct message to them.  Or others can join from your description.
  • Click join meeting
    • You can raise your hand to ask a question or talk
    • You can share your screen
    • You can also use the chat feature
  • When you are ready to end your call simply click the red phone button to disconnect.

Sponsors Tab
Here is another listing of our 2020 International Annual Patient Conference Sponsors

  • Listed in order of sponsorship
  • Each page displays logo
  • Contact information
  • And a brief description
  • Sponsor pages are not interactive
  • You can search by sponsor name here in the search box
  • Once you locate your desired sponsor you can hide others.  View the information and return to view all sponsors again.

Exhibitor Tab

  • All exhibitors are listed in Alphabetical order
  • Click through and chat with exhibitors
    • You can hide exhibitors to get a full view of each exhibit booth
      • Exhibitors have a video
      • Contact information
      • Company description
    • Chat with the exhibitors by writing a message in the chat box
    • **Please note all chats are public**
    • Exhibitors have additional downloadable documents for your information
    • If you would like the exhibitor to contact you, click the contact button, enter required information. Click send.  The exhibitor will contact you.
    • **Please note all exhibitors are not available for this feature.  Please see their chat box for a message**
    • Remember to like the exhibitor booth.  By liking their booth, you are automatically entered for a chance to win an American Express Gift card.

Message Tab – Any message you have sent or received on this platform will be located here.

Speaker Tab – All speakers are listed here.  You can send speakers a message and view their bio.  When you view their bio you can also see which sessions they will participate in.

Videos – This tab will take you to our Video Vault on TMA’s website.  Here is a listing of past conference presentations and webinars.  View at your leisure.

Documents Tab – This tab holds all downloadable documents from TMA, Exhibitors and any documents submitted from sessions.