Thank you for supporting The Myositis Association through Fundraising Campiagns.  Donations such as yours allow us to continue expanding and improving the programs and services we offer those battling myositis.

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  • Helen’s Hope

    Raised: $620.00 Goal: $500.00

    May is Myositis Awareness Month. May is Mother’s Day. May is when Mum went to rest. May will always be special. 🤍 Mum was certainly not one to talk about herself or her illness, but was passionate about wanting there to be a greater understanding of her complicated, misunderstood, rare disease: Dermatomyositis. ...

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  • Amma’s Legacy

    Raised: $11,425.00 Goal: $10,000.00

    Jani dekha hobe ( জানি দেখা হবে )-We will meet again. Selina Alam Yazdan fought with grace and courage during her battle with a rare form of an autoimmune disease called anti-MDA5 amyopathic dermatomyositis, which caused rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease resulting in respiratory failure. Despite a lung transplan...

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  • Terry Tomaszewski Memorial Fund

    Raised: $400.00 Goal: $500.00

    My dad lived an active life, played sports his whole life and remained active as a volunteer after retirement. IBM took away his strength, independence. We would love to support research into treatment, prevention and possibly a cure for this disease. ...

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