This is a bigger than usual Myositis Awareness Month for TMA. In 2018, TMA celebrates 25 years as Your Myositis Association. In recognition of this amazing achievement in the rare disease world, TMA invited its members to tell us, in 25 words (more or less), what TMA means to them. Here is what folks had to say:


TMA is…
A fountain of information when you are seeking answers;
A safety net when you feel like you are drowning;
A reminder: you’re not alone.

—CM, Abingdon, VA


TMA informs newly diagnosed people what myositis is all about, supports those who need it, and offers both support and info for our caregivers.

—TSD, Knightdale, NC


TMA is an invaluable support and leading education center, offering hope and reassurance by raising awareness and encouraging research to find a cure. A generous spirit.

—CL, Brighton, Victoria, Australia


TMA is a group of knowledgeable, informed people sharing their wealth of experience with the unfortunate needs of others affected by myositis. I pray it’s a short-term need, that a cause and cure will be discovered soon.

—BSP, Michigan


TMA is a treasure trove of medically referenced information. The access to the experts is amazing, and the conference a top learning experience in my myositis journey. Having the resources to fund research is another amazing benefit. Providing the videos of the conference talks by the doctors is invaluable to me and others!!

—SWN, Santa Rosa, CA

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