The Myositis Association is excited to introduce our newest staff member, Tricha Shivas. She joins TMA as Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships.

With an academic background in biomedical ethics, Tricha has spent her career in health care services and administration, working with an organ donation program and coordinating a camping program for children with disabilities. After several years in clinical services, Tricha decided to make a shift into fundraising and moved to the nonprofit WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease where she worked with TMA’s executive director, Mary McGowan.

Tricha first became acquainted with myositis when she worked at the Washington, DC area chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. As Director of Health Care Services and Family Support at this clinic, Tricha saw people with all forms of myositis, and she worked directly with a number of folks with inclusion body myositis.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work closely again with those in the myositis community as we continue to seek understanding, treatments, and cures,” Tricha says. “This is such a passionate and energized community of patients, caregivers, researchers, and providers, and I look forward to collaborating with everyone.”

“TMA is thrilled to have Tricha join our growing dynamic team,” says Mary McGowan. “We will now have a more dedicated focus on enhancing and building strategic partnerships and raising more money for research, patient support, and other initiatives. Working together in the past, Tricha and I accomplished great things in the fight against heart disease in women, and I am confident the future is very bright for new opportunities and growth for TMA and the myositis community. Making major inroads in finding cures for myositis continues to be our highest priority.”


2 comments on “Tricha Shivas joins TMA staff”

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    Dr. W. Blaine McVicker on January 8, 2019

    Fabulous! Every person should take careful note that the ‘Myositis Team’ is on the cutting edge of finding new and lasting cures for the myositis community. This makes the reader feel optimistic about a bright future in elevating individuals who fight this debilitating disease. It is very evident that this ‘team’ works fervently to make and create a safe haven for those in need. The reader is energized about the work your team has already accomplished and excited to see what the future holds. I anticipate it holds very good things for the myositis community. Accolades to Mary McGowan, Tricha Shivas and to the entire staff at TMA. Continue this excellent work as we are confident you will.


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      Linda Kobert on January 15, 2019

      Thank you so much for your support, Dr. McVicker! It is such a pleasure for us to serve the myositis community.

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