May is Myositis Awareness Month. This year, TMA also celebrates 25 years as Your Myositis Association. In recognition of this amazing achievement in the rare disease world, TMA invited its members to  describe TMA in 25 words (more or less). Here is what folks had to say:


TMA means never feeling alone throughout this terrible illness, gaining knowledge from others, and supporting research into trying to find a cure for Myositis.

—TN, Strathmiglo, UK


TMA is a source of comfort knowing that there’s a group of good people working to find a cure for myositis as well as sharing valuable information.

—VR, Paso Robles, CA


TMA is a ray of hope amidst a stormy sea of despair, showers of fear, and a lack of understanding. TMA also offers the chance to build one’s self esteem while learning from others that it is possible to cope and push back the darkness.

—BM, Irving, TX


TMA is awareness, possibilities, encouragement, direction, and an endless amount of information regarding all the uncertainty, fear, and questions that come with diagnosis.

—JS, Sparks, NV


TMA is our patient advocate, providing us with reliable information, support groups, education, an online meeting place, and funding for myositis research. TMA has a medical advisory board to respond to patients and their doctors to help in diagnosis and treatment.

—BS, Wheaton, IL


TMA was one of the few websites that actually had information about dermatomyositis. I googled the illness once I was diagnosed and felt terrified by the overall lack of information, but thankful that the TMA website was a good starting point to learn about the condition.

—MM, Saginaw, MI

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    Marianne Moyer on June 19, 2018

    TMA gives us HOPE, by providing important information for patients and families. TMA also grants funding for critically needed research into myositis causes and treatments.

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