The Myositis Association is excited to introduce a new program for care partners called Talking Circles.

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do as a care partner. Self care not only helps you feel better, but it gives you more energy and a more positive attitude that will help you cope better with the challenges of taking care of your loved one.

A Talking Circle is a network of myositis care partners who connect by phone or email as a way to give and receive emotional support. Like TMA Support Groups, Talking Circles are a safe place where care partners can feel free to share feelings without judgement, give information about self-care, and share tips, strategies, devices, and resources that can help you in the daily care of your loved one.

Everyone copes better when they feel supported, heard, and understood.

To sign up or for additional information, please contact TMA’s Member Services Manager LaDonna Johnson at

2 comments on “Talking Circles for myositis care partners”

  1. 1
    Connie Collins on November 1, 2018

    My husband has IBM for about 10 years now. I thought he was doing okay as far as regressing slowly. He is now 65. He seems to have gotten a lot worse in last few months. Of course it is very depressing. He has gone from walking with a cane for several years to almost being bedridden in last few months. Has anyone else experienced a rapid change within this short period of time?

    1. 2
      Linda Kobert on November 2, 2018

      Hello Connie. I’m sorry your husband has taken such a sharp turn. You can ask this and other questions with other folks who are caring for people with IBM in the Talking Circles group. Please call LaDonna to get connected (1-800-821-7356). You might also find it helpful to “talk” with others in the TMA Community Forum. (It’s much more private than here.) Find it here:

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