2 comments on “May is Myositis Awareness Month”

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    Janis R Miller on May 19, 2022

    I think I have this . My ck levels are extremely off the chart high. I’m so sick I can’t even use my muscles without getting nauseated and feeling like I’m going to die I have kidney failure and very sick very I quit going to the doctors they treat me like s*** I refuse to go back to the hospital because I used to use illegal drugs some and that’s all they see me as is a drug addict they never check to see what’s wrong with me they just made me feel like a drug addict off the street so I just quit and I have hashimoto thyroiditis and I’ve been out of my meds all my meds and I feel like I’m dying but I will not get dialysis I can’t deal with that I’m just ready to go how long does it take this disease to kill you I can’t even walk up the steps or go up a hill without being completely out of breath and nauseated and my muscles feel like I’ve ran a marathon my arms I can’t hardly use them today they’re just dead into the world I get sick every time I use my muscles stress is killing me can you tell me if what I have wrong with me. The only thing I notice that doctor was freaking out when he first diagnosed me with some other disease he said my muscles are wasting and I’m in kidney failure because they can’t filter the waste.

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      Janis R Miller on May 19, 2022

      I also have severe heartburn indigestion that chokes me in my sleep and I feel like I’ve aspirated and my skin on face and my legs I have this ugliness stuff keep having this rash with infection on one side of my face it’s just everything is wrong with me now I don’t feel good at all I’m sick

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