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A recent article in the journal Current Opinions in Rheumatology discusses significant points related to our current understanding about IBM diagnosis and potential treatments.

  1. Research has increased our understanding of the implications of the autoantibody anti-cytosolic 50-nucleotidase 1A (NT5C1A) as it relates to IBM.
  2.  Muscle imaging using MRI and ultrasound is being performed more often, resulting in a better understanding of characteristic patterns of muscle involvement, which may help with diagnosis. Over time, this will likely to help with monitoring and may serve as an outcome measure in clinical trials.
  3. Recent small-scale studies of Arimoclomol and Rapamycin, conducted by TMA medical advisors, have shown promising results. Further clinical trials of these medications are ongoing.
  4. Exercise is likely to form an increasingly important facet of management of patients with IBM, but the optimal type of exercise program is not yet determined.

You can read the entire article here: Advances in the early diagnosis and therapy of IBM – 2018

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