As part of a new Lunch n’ Learn program at TMA, representatives from BriovaRx visited TMA offices yesterday to teach staff and one of our members about home infusion services and immunoglobulin (IgG) therapy for myositis diseases. BriovaRx is a specialty pharmacy company providing myositis and other patients with the option of in-home treatment with medications requiring intravenous infusion.

Nursing Field Supervisor Tori Perry and Ig Care Specialist James Early shared information about the process of home infusion, including types of medications available, the differences in how home treatment is administered and approved, and the support services BriovaRx provides. They emphasized the importance of the patient and family as partners in the treatment process. With a nationwide reach, the company provides a 24/7 support system, educational resources, and personalized attention to all patients.

The presentation was especially helpful for Loretta Walker whose adult daughter was diagnosed with polymyositis in 2015. After initially being misdiagnosed and spending several months in the hospital, Ms. Walker’s daughter is now showing great improvement on IVIg and rituximab therapy. She currently receives these infusions at a hospital infusion center, but she is looking forward to the convenience of receiving her medications at home. As a care partner, Ms. Walker was relieved to learn that home infusion is a safe and less expensive option for her daughter.

TMA is excited to partner with BriovaRx to spread awareness of TMA’s support and education services throughout its network of service providers. We also look forward to providing in-service education to the BriovaRx staff about myositis diseases and the challenges our members face on a daily basis.

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